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Child Sexual Exploitation Conference 1.0, June 22,2018.

On the 22nd of June 2018, One Voice Initiative organized our first ever Child Sexual Exploitation conference.

According to statistics, children below 18 years account for 50% of Nigeria’s population. 1 in 4 girls experience sexual violence, and 1 in 10 boys experience sexual violence before age 18. The percentage of victimized girls and boys who experience multiple incidents of sexual abuse is recorded as 70.5% and 69.2% respectively. This occurs between ages 14-15 in 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys. Reports have it that, 15.6% girls and 26.1% boys know where to seek help and only 5.2% girls and 3.4% boys have sought help. And only 4.2% girls and 3.4% boys have received help (http://ceceyara.org/child-sexual-abuse-statistics/).

From the above, it is evident that there is a great disparity between the increasing rates of sexual abuse in children and the number of cases that actually get reported and treated.
We believe sexual abuse in children to be greatly detrimental to the mental, psychological and physical development of the child. Also, the figures above reveal that children, who are yet to be victims, are at a high risk of being sexually abused if timely preventive action is not taken to educate and inform about child sexual abuse.

Thus, our community service project on child sexual abuse is one which is highly regarded as a noble cause.
Prior to the event we had a media tour which included a tweet chat, and the convener for the program Miss Alesinloye-king Oluwapelumi had live interviews on air at ( Eko 89.75fm, Lagos Television, and Lagos Traffic Radio 96.1fm).
It was held at Jita Covenant Schools Jaffa Opeilu Agbado Ogun State. From the hours of 11am to 2pm.

We had sessions on child Sexual Abuse facilitated by Miss. Isioma from STAND TO END RAPE, Gender Based Violence, Child Marriage, Female Genital Mutilation and Rape facilitated by Costly Aderibigbe of Value female network.

Miss Isioma

We also had presentations from the students. We had teachers, students and Community stakeholders in attendance, as they are a vital part of the community.

Our expected outcomes are but not limited to the following residents of Opeilu Community would have gained considerable knowledge about Child Sexual Abuse and how to prevent it.
The teenagers in the community would have been properly informed on how to respond to sexual abuse incidences and seek help.

We plan to replicate this project soon in other parts of the country.



Source: https://oviwce.org


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